Tarps / Tarpaulin

With unparalleled quality, our Multi-Layered Cross Laminated tarp, Esslene, offers the assurance of 100% waterproofing. It is all weatherproof with the capacity to with stand intense climate conditions. Being mono material - Esslene is fully recyclable - leaving lesser carbon footprints. Use it protect your cars, shed, roof or your weekend Yatch.

Product Details

  • Material PE
  • Durability Light, Medium, Heavy Duty
  • Thickness (gsm) 35, 45, 55, 70, 90, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, customizable
  • Sizes (ft) 6*4 thru 200*200, customizable
  • Color OptionsClear (Natural), Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown, Silver, Black, customizable
  • Plain & Printed
  • Eyelets Reinforced eyelets, metal grommets

  • FINISHED SIZE: Sizing for the tarps are finished size which means when you choose your size you get the full size tarps and it’s not short a few inches from both sides.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Our MLCL tarps are made using at least 30% Post-Consumer Recycled materials without compromising the quality of the product.
  • STRONG GROMMETS & REINFORCED EDGES: The protective tarp has reinforced edges and metal grommets every 24 inches. The tear-resistant material is super durable while the metal grommets allow you to tie down the tarpaulin cover easily, using bungee cords or a strong rope.
  • CONVENIENT MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN: Customized plastic tarp sheet can be used to cover many different kinds of objects, like roofs, boats, pools, outdoor furniture, or you can use it to make canopy tents, go camping, cover the floors when you paint, and much more.
  • UV RESISTANT, MILDEW RESISTANT, WATERPROOF AND WEATHERPROOF: Our tarp can be used throughout the entire year, whether it’s windy, raining, snowing or raining. The premium poly tarp is weatherproof, waterproof and UV resistant and it will protect any object from all retains flexibility at freezing temperatures.
  • RECYCLABLE: Unlike conventional HDPE tarp which is manufactured by interlocking PE sheets, our tarp is a sheet of plastic layered together so when recycling it a single piece to be recycled unlike multiple strings that become very difficult to recycle.

Water Resistance



BPA Free



GRS Certified

RCS Certified

Clean with wet damp cloath