Flexible Chopping Boards

Our bendable chopping board is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Cutting and transferring fresh ingredients just got a whole lot easier thanks to this cutting board. The sleek design of the chopping board makes it easy to be stored away.

Product Details

  • Material TPE
  • Thickness variations 1 MM
  • Finish Diamond, Waffle
  • Size (inch) 14.25*11
  • Size (mm) 360*280
  • Color Options Grey ,Green, Turquoise, Red, Yellow
  • Shape Rectangle & Square
  • HSN Code 39261099

  • EXCELLENT ANTI-SLIP: Unlike other chopping boards, our cutting board has a non-slip texture on the surface to prevent smooth food from moving, reduces knife marks, and keep the knife stable. The diamond texture on the bottom grips the countertops better and won’t slide around.
  • FLEXIBLE: The set of cutting boards is made of BPA free material. Durable, light, and bendable. It is easy to put chopped food into different containers with no food or liquid falling.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: It is made of BPA-free material, dishwasher safe. It is non-porous, won't splinter, crack, or peel. It won't retain odors or dull your knives.
  • EASY TO STORE/CARRY: Take this lightweight flexible chopping board which measures only about 70 grams to your BBQ parties at park or camping trips hassle free.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wash it with hot or cold running water and let it air dry or dry it clean cloth.

Water Resistance



BPA Free




Food Grade Safe

Dishwasher Safe