Flexible Chopping Boards

Wash it with hot or
cold running water
and let it air dry or
dry it clean cloth.

Our Flexible Chopping Board is a cutting board made from TPE, a food grade safe material that is flexible and durable. This makes our boards easy to transport and store. It's 1 MM thick and can be used for chopping vegetables, fruits, meat and more! It’s easy to clean, so you can use it for food prep or place your oily ladles while cooking.

Flexible Chopping Boards

Flexible Chopping Boards – Material: TPE

  • Material: TPE with up to 30% post consumer recycled material
  • Thickness variations: 1 MM
  • Finish : Various: Diamond, Waffle etc.
  • Size: 36 X 28 cms ( 14.25 X 11 in.)
  • Color Options : Grey ,Green, Turquoise, Red
  • Shape- Rectangle & Square
  • HSN Code - 39261099


  • 01


    Chop your favorite fruits and vegetables and easily transfer them to your pots, pans and mixing bowls without spilling.

  • 02


    Can be used as a placemat since the material is food contact safe and bottom is anti-skid.

Flexible Chopping Boards