Shower Curtains Accessories

All of our shower curtain accessories that are made from plastic or steel are made in-house or sourced from local manufacturers (within 5 kms from our facility) developed by us during the pandemic.

When Covid-19 struck the world in 2020, we, like the rest of the world faced supply constraints with respect to accessories that we used to import. Pandemic presented us with a challenge and we embraced it with open arms and took it upon ourselves to create and develop the whole ecosystem required to be able to fulfill our customer’s orders without sacrificing on turnaround times.

Today, we along with our developed vendors produce 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch hangers made from 100% recycled content, plastic and metal roller hooks along with PET trays to package them, S-shaped Hooks, and O-rings. We are constantly working on developing local economy right here in India to minimize our dependence on foreign components and accessories to cater our customer’s needs.

Product Details

  • O-Rings : Made from PP plastic
  • Plastics Hooks : Made from PP plastic. Our range includes with/without beads
  • Metal Hooks : Made from Stainless Steel. Our range includes with/without colorful plastic beads
  • S Shaped Hooks : Made from Stainless Steel
  • Anti-Draft Clips : Made from PP plastic with double-sided glue tape
  • Magnets : Magnets to weigh down shower curtains and keep the shower curtain in place and make sure that water stays where it belongs
  • Glass stones : Glass stones to weigh down shower curtains and keep the shower curtain in place and make sure that water stays where it belongs
  • Hangers : 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch plastic hangers made from 100% recycled content

  • Fits most standard rods
  • Rustproof & more durable stainless steel - Stainless steel is more rust-resistant and durable than ordinary metal shower curtain hooks, allowing for years of use in the bathroom.
  • Free gliding action - No snagging, no effort, no hassle. These shower rings feature specially engineered spherical balls to reduce friction, allowing effortless gliding across rods with virtually no effort at all.
  • Heavy duty closing hooks – These curtain hooks are strong enough to hold a heavy shower curtain. They are sealed shut, making it impossible for the curtain to slip off the rings.
  • Set of 12 or can be customized - Sold as a set of 12 for a standard 60 or 72 inches opening.

Water Resistance



BPA Free



GRS Certified

RCS Certified